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Brake Jobs, not something we do.

Today @ the Zone,

I had to explain to someone over the phone that we don’t do brake jobs. We sell brake parts and we can provide advice, but that’s about it.


And a change for the better!

Today @ the Zone,

A young couple (they couldn’t have been older than 20/21) came in frantic. They had just bought their first car and were having some electrical issues. They were guessint it might be the alternator. The battery was testing low as well.

I was thrilled to be able to put their minds at ease. All they needed was a simple battery terminal cleaning. Problem solved, another happy customer ūüôā

Dual and Single don’t just apply to Exhaust

Today @ the Zone,

I had to explain to somebody that the difference between Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) and Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) has absolutely nothing to do with the number of exhaust pipes on the back of a car.

Demanding, much?

Today @ the Zone,

A lady came in complaining about how hot it was outside and insisted that we should suffer like her in the heat and fix her A/C (sans gratis, of course).

Little did she understand that 1) we’re under no obligation to oblige by her rules, 2) that we’re only able to install batteries and light bulbs, 3) that the Zone is¬†not a service center and finally 4) that we’re¬†not mechanics.

Wait, what?

Today @ the Zone,

I learned that Ford still has yet to learn how to properly design a car. I’m sorry but there’s simply no excuse to have to take apart half the front end of a car to replace a headlight bulb.

I think you need a new engine.

Today @ the Zone,

A lady came in to buy some oil to top up her car. She told me that she didn’t know if she used conventional or synthetic oil because she hadn’t had an oil change done on the car in over FOUR YEARS!

Let’s just say that the ‘consumption’ of two quarts of oil per week was the least of her problems.

Chevy == Ass Cheese

Today @ the Zone,

I finalized my opinion that ALL chevy vehicles SUCK ASS CHEESE! They are badly designed, poorly engineered disasters waiting to happen. All of them!

Oh, and the Prism and Vibe¬†don’t count as¬†they’re just a rebranded Toyota’s.