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The Basics of Electricity

Today @ the Zone.

A guy came in demanding that his battery was dead and that we needed to replace the battery under his warranty. After looking up his information and being unable to find the battery under warranty, the man became beligerant. I offered to give him one of our lightly used batteries in exchange for his old battery. That seemed to calm him down.

When he popped the hood of his mini-van, I discovered what his problem was. One of the battery terminal cables was loose. The other terminal wasn’t connected to the battery at all.

Cleaning and reseating the terminals solved the problem. I have yet to see the gentleman return to complain about his old battery that was ‘dead’.


Why is this our problem?

Today @ the Zone,

A guy comes in and states to the store manager that his mother’s car was sitting, broken down, on the side of the road because the radiator cap we had sold him was defective and that the coolant had exploded out of the radiator. He then proceeded to retrieve a jug of anti-freeze and asked “So, are you going to take care of this?”

As it turns out, his mother had purchased the radiator cap that failed. Problem is, she didn’t get it from us.

Beyond our Abilities

Today @ the Zone,

Someone came in and asked us to charge his battery. No problem. The problem was with his second question:

“How long will it last after you charge it?”

The Mysterious Headlight Module

Today @ the Zone,

A guy called in and asked how much a headlight module for his car would be (it just so happened to be a 2003 Mercury Cougar). When it was explained that no such beast exists and that the likely cause of his issue was the headlight switch, he grew impatient and insisted that headlights are module contolled and that it was that module that was in fact causing his problem.

Deep Pan or Shallow?

Today @ the Zone,

A guy came in needing a transmission filter for his truck. He didn’t know if his vehicle had a deep or shallow transmission pan. He said he’d know it if he saw it so bring out both filters. After looking at both filters, he revealed that he had never actually changed a transmission filter before. He then said “Well, both gaskets are the same so just sell me either filter.”

So how do they turn?

Today @ the Zone,

A guy came in and insisted that his 1985 Chevy S10 pickup didn’t have rear wheel bearings and that, in fact, no ’85 pickups had rear wheel bearings.

What is the Glowy part?

Today @ the Zone,

I had to try to explain to someone why tail lights only come as assemblies and why you can’t simply replace the lens. Of course, this came after having to figure out what the hell he was talking about when he refered to the lens as ‘the glowy part’.